Historic Walking Tours of Narragansett Pier

Historic Cemeteries

Four historic cemeteries are not only accessible but wheelchair-accessible in the Historical Walking
Tours area.

They are:

TheRobinson Family Cemetery(NG009) on the South County Museum property. (Click here
for a complete description.)

► TheGibsonAvenue Cemetery(NG003) opposite Druid's Dream,

► TheCongdon-Perkins Lot(NG005) on the north side of South Pier Road, just west of Blossom
Street, and

► TheThomas Mumford Burial Ground(NG008) atop a mound on the north side of Kingstown
Road adjacent to Sprague Park.

Altogether, there are 29 documented Narragansett cemeteries, five of which have been moved to
South Kingstown or North Kingstown. Eight have not been found.

Dating back to the 1700s, they are an important part of Narragansett history and the family
heritage of many Narragansett families. Most of the people buried in these cemeteries were the
original inhabitants of Narragansett and their descendents, known as "Planters." They farmed,
built houses, stores, railroads, shipping piers, etc.

For more:Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Commission.

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