Historic Walking Tours of Narragansett Pier


Left: Narragansett Pier, R.I., Illustrated, 1891 (SCM) Right: SCM photo-jrt 2010


40 Central Street

Architectural Description

11/2-story, mansard-roofed dwelling with a Tuscan-columned veranda, a later addition, replacing
the original veranda
with jigsaw ornament and round-head dormer windows.

Original Owner/Resident

Charles F. Boon of Providence

Year Built



This is the first summer "villa" erected at the Pier by a summer guest for his own residence.
Boon was a partner in the firm of C.E. Boon & Company, dealers in drugs, dyestuffs, chemicals,

and paints. He later sold his interest in this business and became involved in real estate in
Providence and subsequently in Narragansett.

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