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Left:Historical and Architectural Resources of Narragansett, 1991 Right: Vision Appraisal database

Suwanee Villa Carriage House

380 Ocean Road

Architectural Description

11/2-story, hip-roofed, stone and wood, Shingle Style structure with rock-faced masonry, a
two-story, conical-roofed
cylindrical tower, a sculptured terracotta chimney pot, and some
cut-shingle wall cover.

Estate Designer

James H. Taft

Original Owner/Resident

Built for David Stevenson of New York

Year Built

c 1889


This one-time carriage house is now a residence.

Suwanee Villa

Narragansett Pier, R.I., Illustrated, 1891 (SCM)

The main house (above) has been torn down.

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