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Louis Sherry Cottages

Gibson Avenue & Earles Court

The Sherry Cottages, built around 1888, was a group of four Shingle Style frame dwellings set
around a grassy courtyard.
These houses are 11/2-story cubic masses with very tall hip roofs; the
two immediately adjacent to Gibson Avenue have
cylindrical corner towers with conical roofs.
The complex originally included two more houses and a central restaurant and
dining hall. These
buildings were all built for New York restaurateur and caterer Louis Sherry, who rented the
cottages to
summer guests.

The buildings are noteworthy for their continuity of scale, form, and architectural detail and their
carefully planned siting, factors which make them an important element of the town’s visual and
architectural fabric. In addition to the Earlscourt buildings and Sherry Cottages, the district
includes a few other structures which were not built as part of the developments but which help
to maintain the architectural and historical character of the area.

Left, Earle's Court history is told on a sign at the intersection
of Gibson Avenue and Earles Court
and Ocean Road:

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