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Above, from the left, President Ulysses S. Grant, abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher, publisher Horace Greeley,
and Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury (and father of Kate Chase Sprague) all were guests of
William Spraque at Canonchet.

Prominent Residents & Visitors

Jacqueline Bouvier 1935 fm wikiWinnie Davis 001 fm wiki

Left, Jacqueline Bouvier, future wife of John F. Kennedy, right, Winnie Davis, daughter of Jefferson Davis,
president of the Confederate States of America.

The types of visitors attracted to Narragansett Pier were characterized in a gudebook published
in the 1880s. "The society at the Pier and in the vicinity is select Merchants, manufacturers,
statesmen, men of letters and practical science, and eminent professioal characters of every
sort [who] choose this as their favorite summer retreat." Men such as Charles H. Pope, a
New York cotton broker. Jeffrey Davis, a NewEngland mill owner; Edward Earle, a New York
awyer, George V. Cresson, a Philadelphia industrialist; Brander Mathews, a New York writer,
critic and professor of dramatic literature; and Dr. Charles Hitchock, a New York physician,
came to the Pier with their families.

Many stayed for the entire summer season, which extended from the fifteenth or twentieth of
June to the first or second week of September. Others came for only a few weeks. Vacationers
led a quiet, genteel life at the Pier. They passed the time bathing, fishing, "camping down" on
the rocks south of South Pier, playing croquet and lawn tennis, strolling or driving along Ocean
Road, and meandering along foot paths such as one which edges Black Point -- seeing and
being seen along the rocky shore.

From Historical and Architectural Resources of Narragansett, 1991

Edwin Booth Hamlet 1870 fm wikiChester A. Arthur by Ole Peter Hansen Balling

Left, Actor Edwin Booth; right, President Chester Alan Arthur

-- Photos from Wikipedia

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