Historic Walking Tours of Narragansett Pier

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The Canonchet mansion burned in 1909(SCM collection)

The Great Fires
In 1900 a catastrophic fire destroyed the Pier's premier landmark and the center of its social life.
The fire originated in the Rockingham Hotel,and in addition to destroying the hotel, consumed
several business blocks and the Narragansett Casino.

Only the granite foundation and walls of the Towers were left. A new Casino was built on the
site of the Rockingham in 1905, and the ruined Towers of the old Casino were restored in 1910
by architect J. Howard Adams.

Subsequent fires did further damage, notably in October, 1909, when Governor Sprague's
house, Canonchet, was destroyed. Only a cellar and a stone stable (at the South County Museum)
survive today. And only the stone walls of the first floor of the stable survived a 1950 fire. Other
fires destroyed the Imperial Hotel in 1925, the Revere in 1928 and Green's Inn in 1980.

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