Historic Walking Tours of Narragansett Pier

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Stonecroft (left) and the original Gardencourt (right) were among designs by William Gibbons Preston of Boston
near the end of the 19th century.
Left:Souvenirs of Narragansett Pier, 1922. Right: SCM photo collection

Architects of the Pier
A number of nationally, regionally and locally important architects contributed to the rich architectural
heritage of Narragansett Pier. McKim, Mead & White of New York, who produced the Coast Guard
Stone Lea, the Sherry Cottages and Gillian Lodge in addition to the Pier's most prominent
landmark, The Towers, was the most renownedfirm to practice here.

Boston architect William Gibbons Preston was arguably the most prolific. In the 1880s and 1890s, he
designed Rockhurst for Howard Lapsley, alterations to Hopewell for Lapsley's son-in-law Dr. Charles
Hitchcock, Stonecroft for Frances H. Dewey, the Southern Hotel,Green's Inn, the Aaron Wolff
House, the Electric Power Station; Gardencourt; a windmill to pump water on the E. Harrison Sanford
estate; and, possibly, the wishing well at the intersection of Ocean and South Pier Roads.

Among the prominent Rhode Island architects who
worked at the Pier were Willliam R. Walker,
designer of the Sprague house, known
as Canonchet; Willard Kent of Woonsocket,
architect of his own summer house, Four Gables,
and Edward L.Howland, designer of St. Peter's By-the-Sea. ________

At the left, Charles Mead, William McKim and Stanford White in the late 19th century headed the largest and most influential
architectural firm in America. Their works included the Boston
Public Library, the RI State capitol, the Newport Casino,
and — all in New York — Columbia University, the Morgan Library, the original Madison Square Garden, and the original
Pennsylvania Station.

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