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Left: Narragansett Pier, R.I., Illustrated, 1891 (SCM) Right: SCM photo-jrt 2010


144 Gibson Avenue

Architectural Description

21/2-story, random-coursed granite with a gable roof, and a gabled ell on the north side, and a
shallow gabled pavilion
on the south, all creating a cruciform plan. The house is simply detailed; its
form suggests Gothic Revival stylistic influence.


Alonso Congdon and Henry Peace Champlin. The masonry work was executed by Champion
Brothers of Westerly and the joinery by Alfonso Congdon of Narragansett.

Original Owner/Resident

Built for Joseph Peace Hazard

Year Built



Druidsdream was built on what was part of Hazard's Seaside Farm. In his diary, Hazard wrote that
he had a dream in which a Druid appeared to him and told him to build a stone house on this site,
which accounts for the building’s name and construction. Though it was built for him, Hazard
never actually lived there, since he already was living at Hazard's Castle. Added to National
Register of Historic Places in 1989.

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